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Wheel Tax

Milwaukee County Wheel Tax Information


Here is a map of all City of Milwaukee wards in support/opposition to wheel tax.

Here is a map of 4 City of Milwaukee wards, that did not have a single supporter of the wheel tax.

Here is the entire Milwaukee County wheel tax breakdown.

Here is a JPEG of all City of Milwaukee Wards


It is very important that municipalities require voter approval for wheel taxes, as many local elected officials are using the state law regarding wheel taxes to avoid the support of the people.


For example, within the last year the Milwaukee County Board passed a wheel tax of $30.  That means that a car owner in Milwaukee County will pay:


$75 in annual registration to the State of Wisconsin

$30 in wheel tax to Milwaukee County

Total: $105

Milwaukee Co. car owners will pay 40% more than most Wisconsin residents


After the Milwaukee County Board passed the $30 wheel tax, they also called for an advisory referendum on the April 2017 ballot for an increase to a $60 wheel tax.


That referendum was overwhelmingly opposed by 72% of the voters.


Yet, Milwaukee residents are still stuck with the $30 tax that they never approved.


Current wheel tax jurisdictions (as of 8/30/17)


The Wisconsin DOT currently collects a wheel tax for the following:

  • Municipalities
    • Appleton (city; $20) 
    • Arena (township; $20)
    • Beloit (city; ​​$20)
    • Eden (village; $20 beginning for November 2017 registrations)
    • Fort Atkinson (city; $20)​​ 
    • Gillett (city; $20)
    • Iron Ridge (village: $10)
    • Janesville (city; $20)
    • Kaukauna (city; $10) 
    • Lodi (city; $20)
    • Milton (city; $30 beginning for April 2017 registrations)
    • Milwaukee (city; $20)
    • Platteville (city; $20 beginning for March 2017 registrations)
    • Portage (city; $20 beginning for April 2017 registrations)
    • Prairie du Sac (village; $20)​​
    • Sheboygan​​ (city; $20) 
    • Tigerton​​​ (village; $10 beginning for September 2016 registrations)
  • Counties
    • Chippewa County ($10)
    • Iowa County ($20) 
    • Marathon County ($25)
    • Milwaukee County ($30 beginning for March 2017 registrations)
    • St. Croix County ($10) 

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