Wisconsin College Savings Program

The Wisconsin College Savings Program At A Glance
Preparing for Our Children's Future

Parents know how expensive college can be and how working families struggle to help their children get the education that is so important in today's world.

With the rising cost of college tuition, it can seem overwhelming. That's why I'm proud to offer Wisconsin's College Savings program, which is made up of the EdVest and tomorrow's scholar College Savings Plans. These plans provide a flexible, yet structured way to save for future higher education expenses. They can help put you in a better position to choose the best school for a student, while minimizing loans and student debt. These plans also provide important state and federal tax benefits as well.

EdVest recently received an elite "5-cap" rating from the leading industry website, SavingForCollege.com.  The Plan was also ranked among the top ten of all direct-sold (no-load) 529 savings plans for its 5-year investment performance for the period that ended 12-31-08.

EdVest and tomorrow's scholar are great ways to give our children the tools they will need to excel in the 21st century.  Since the program expanded in 2001 and is more popular than ever, we now have over 250,000 accounts nationwide and over $2 billion dollars invested.

I urge you to find out more by clicking on the helpful links at the bottom of the screen.  You can access the Top 10 Questions about EdVest and learn more about 529 plans.

Kurt Schuller/State Treasurer


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 Fast Facts on College Savings

The number of accounts in Wisconsin's College Savings Program

The average amount of debt a student carries upon graduation from college

 You can open an EdVest account for as little as $15 a month

$2 Billion
The amount of money invested in Wisconsin's College Savings Program

 $1 Million
How much more a college education is worth over the course of a lifetime

How much a child born today will pay for college at a public institution

The average tuition inflation rate each year (more than double the general inflation rate)


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